Topic: Exchange migration tool

EdbMails Exchange migration is one of the best third party solution which effectively performs the Exchange migration process without any manual interventions. The goal of the application is to make the migration process simple and to provide the best service. For any organization data security is the main concern during the migration. EdbMails ensures the full security on the data to be migrated and maintains zero downtime during the migration.


•    Simple and ease use of interface makes the whole migration simple without execution of any manual commands.
•    Users can perform batch migration/ Selective folder migration as per their migration requirement.
•    Automatically re-connects during intermittent internet connection for the migration process.
•    Automatically creates the user mailboxes in target server.
•    Supports automatic mailbox mapping from source to destination server which saves a lot of migration time.
•    Supports cross-forest and cross domain migration.

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